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Electronics for Underwater Photography Flash

by Grega Bernot on Apr 16, 2018

We developed electronics for the underwater photographer's ultimate tool for unleashing creativity.

Wrist Bracelet with Accelerometer and Gyro

by Al Markočič on May 09, 2017

We developed a pre-prototype bracelet device for measuring a person's tiredness.

Access Control using iButtons

by Al Markočič on Apr 20, 2017

We developed access control hardware with mobile data synchronization using iButtons.

Lumu Power - Light Meter for the Future

by Grega Bernot on Sep 06, 2016

Rapid development of a Kickstarter success story.

Developing a Touchscreen Wall Terminal

by Marko Jankovec on May 21, 2016

We developed an enterprise-grade wall terminal for a well-known international company.

Bringing to life a Custom-developed Linux Board

by Martin Tramšak on May 07, 2016

We helped an R&D company booting a freshly developed custom Linux board.

Local Indoor Positioning System - from scratch!

by Grega Bernot on Apr 18, 2016

We developed a Local Indoor Positioning System including RTLS algorithms.

System of Wireless Battery-powered Pagers

by Grega Bernot on Mar 15, 2016

We developed a system of wireless battery-powered pagers for restaurants.

Luxsmart - The Smart House System

by Marko Jankovec on Mar 03, 2016

A students' hobby project that evolved into a commercial product.