R&D Services

We provide you with custom state-of-the-art hardware based on your exact needs.

Do you have an idea?

Discuss your hardware-related idea with us and we will propose a feasible solution.

Get your prototype!

We are available to be outsourced as your reliable partner for hardware PCB design.

Precompliance test.

We design and test all our hardware to be compliant with valid standards.

We can assist you in different stages!


To confirm your idea, we provide you with prototypes that can be used for validation on end-users. We turn your ideas into devices.

PCB design

We can design your product from scratch, starting with PCB development and moving on to complete product design.

Firmware coding

We deliver custom-coded microcontroller firmware (ARM, PIC, AVR, MSP430, ...) and Linux-based platforms (Raspberry Pi, ACME, ...).


We opt towards achieving EMC & RF compliance in all design stages of the product. We perform precompliance measurements and participate during the final testing in the certified lab.


We are able to test your products in various real-case environments in order to foresee and avoid any possible production issues.


Together with our external pick&place partners, we are able to deliver your product serially manufactured or produce it in-house.

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Does your project require a full-stack engineering team?

Drop us a line and we will be more than happy to work on an exciting new project with you.


...or read about some of our projects:

Electronics for Underwater Photography Flash

We developed electronics for the underwater photographer's ultimate tool for unleashing creativity.

Access Control using iButtons

We developed access control hardware with mobile data synchronization using iButtons.

Lumu Power - Light Meter for the Future

Rapid development of a Kickstarter success story.

Developing a Touchscreen Wall Terminal

We developed an enterprise-grade wall terminal for a well-known international company.

Bringing to life a Custom-developed Linux Board

We helped an R&D company booting a freshly developed custom Linux board.