Meet the MULTILUX Team

MULTILUX first started as a team in Primorska Technology Park, and then joint forces with Faculty of Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) which enabled the team to develop its first product: a state-of-the-art Local Indoor Positioning System based on research results.

Afterwards, MULTILUX' portfolio was expanded with proprietary products from fields of hospitality and home automation, which extended company areas yet kept its core mission - developing and providing state-of-the-art electronics topped up with easy-to-use cloud solutions, wrapped in either proprietarily-sold or custom-developed devices deriving from customer orders.

In 2014, MULTILUX set up in Ljubljana with a prominent new team and started offering hardware development services to customers. We focus on not only developing complex PCBs and products, but also on achieving EMC & RF compliance in all design stages of the product by performing precompliance measurements and participating during the final testing in the certified lab.